Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work

I love this Amish proverb.  It is simple.

Over the last few years life has become a series of crazy days and nights in which I feel my family and I have no time.  I am 34 and a mother of two boys and have a wonderful husband.  I should be enjoying time with my family but instead, I feel as though time slips away daily......and the clock just keeps on ticking.

I look at the simpler times (at least in my mind) of the 1940's and 1950's when families spent time together...TV was limited......and we generally spent more time caring for each other.

My thinking really started after Christmas when I saw the volcano of toys......this probably wouldn't bother me so much if I were in Hawaii!  There was just so much stuff everywhere and in everything.  Toys, processed food, junk, chaos....enough already!!!

Don't get me wrong....I am not going to talk about moving to a farm and getting rid of everything I own......I love shopping.....I love Target and I love my Starbucks Coffee (hello to everyone at my Starbucks Store)......but I want to work on bringing my family back to basics.

Join me on the journey!

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