Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No More Hangers.....???

This is it...School is starting in a few more weeks and I am so excited, as many mothers are I am sure.  As I went shopping for back to school clothes I had visions of coming home and hanging them up and getting everything organized before the chaos of the school year.  That plan went out the window about 15 minutes into the organizational process.

I ran out of hangers...

This wouldn't seem like such a big deal except for the fact that I have 100 hangers for only two boys.  What the heck?  When did this happen?

When did there become so much stuff for two boys.  This is the time to start purging....a lot.  No kid needs that many things and I only hang up T-shirts.

Excess is one of the things that breeds chaos.  When there is so much there is no peace and so much stress.  This will be the path of clearing the stuff.  And it has to start now.