Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am going to become Amish.......

I am going to become Amish......for at least a few hours a week!

The simplicity of the Amish life is something that I long for, at least for a few hours a week.  I love the life that I live and I certainly enjoy my electric life but for a few hours a week I want to unplug, and let the joy of my children really take me in.

With life being so fast paced every day just seems to fly.  Get home from picking up the boys just in time for dinner, homework, read a book and bed.  When do we truly get to just sit back and enjoy the way their face lights up when they use their imagination.  Many of you might be sitting there thinking what is imagination, everything is done for them through video games and TV.

This is why I am becoming Amish...for those few hours to just let imagination run wild and enjoy the simplicity of life.

On that note,today we went to the La Jolla Farmers Market.  For those of you who have not been to this market, it is GREAT!  The vendors and farmers are fantastic and love to talk about and explain their product.  The kids also love going and certainly try things they would never try if I gave it to them at home. (Walnuts and raw carrots?)  Today we bought some purple carrots, kale, strawberries, and of course Pasta and bread.

We buy all of our fresh pasta from Peggy's Pasta.  They are fantastic and no matter what you use with the pasta, it tastes amazing.  They also have a ton of flavors and something for everyone.  Today we purchased Semolina (eggless) fettuccine....mouth is currently watering. Tomorrow I will put the recipe up for an amazing GORGONZOLA ARTICHOKE CHICKEN PASTA!  This is such a yummy and easy dish that will make you look like you are super talented in the kitchen.

Peggy's Pasta also has sauces, breads, eggs, and avocado oils infused with the most mouth watering ingredients.  This is one place that I stoop every week and no matter what I purchase I find myself wanting to invite them over just to teach me all of their tricks.  DELICIOUS!

Today, on my quest for simplicity, I purchase Amish White Bread.  OH MY.  I tasted this today and it literally melted in my mouth.  I must learn how to make this.  This is also from Peggy's Pasta and let me tell you they are what we should all be looking for.  Their products are all natural, no preservatives, and have no added sugar.  They bake this bread everyday and the one that I purchased at 9 am was taken out of the oven at 5am.  Does it get any better than that?

There is a great quote from Julia Child on the bag, "How can a nation be great if their bread tastes like kleenex?"  Well put Julia!  This bread certainly doesn't taste like kleenex....neither does the fig and honey loaf, or the ciabatta.  I will be trying a new bread next week...because I am a carb addict!

Peggy's Pasta is not only a great company to buy wonderful food from but they are friendly and family oriented.  You truly feel that they know you and that they are cooking and baking so that you can feel at home!

You can go on to their website at: to check them out...and I certainly encourage you to do that.

So until tomorrow....when you come back for the gorgonzola artichoke chicken pasta recipe.....turn off your phone and television...and become Amish for a few hours and check out Peggy's Pasta!

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